A shot in Mexico kills five people and injures one

Gunmen attacked a bus station in Mexico City on Monday, killing five people and killing one victim in Cuernavaca, a picturesque colonial town popular with tourists, authorities said.

The Morelos State Security Commission, of which Cuernavaca is the capital, said the gunmen had organized a "targeted" attack, looking for specific victims at the Estrella de Oro bus station, near the center. -city.

Local media reported that gunmen killed three victims on a bus, one in the waiting room and one in a bathroom.

Morelos is the scene of a territorial war between at least five different drug cartels, according to the authorities.

The shooting in the bus station took place after a violent weekend in which at least 15 people were murdered as a result of various incidents in the state, according to media reports.

Mexico has been hit by a wave of violence since the government deployed the army against powerful drug cartels in 2006.

Since then, more than 250,000 people have been murdered.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador acknowledged Sunday in his first annual State of the Nation address that Mexico "still suffers from insecurity and violence" nine months after the start of his presidency.

He promised to intensify his efforts to end the terrible violence of the so-called "drug war" in the country.

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